5 Positive Effects of Coffee For Opera Singers

I need to state from the outset that this topic is no doubt controversial due to the myopic views people have had over the subject matter. However, I want to implore your indulgence to read on as I critically consider the other side of the coin on the debate over the usefulness of coffee to singers.

Here are five surprising positive effects of coffee on opera singers:

It makes the voice clearer. You as an opera singer knows how important it is to safeguard your voice. What caffeine does when taken moderately is that it clears your throat of all dirtiness. This comes out in form of phlegm. However, it is always advisable that you take the cup of coffee hours before singing so as not to be disturbed by the phlegm; this is the point many singers have always not taken cognizance of.

Coffee aids digestion. This is another point that sounds controversial. As an opera singer, you know that being unnecessarily heavy while singing is usually depressing to your audience and as such you need to always look smart and light so as to flame up the stage at all times. This is what coffee does; it hastens up digestion in your body system causing you to use the toilet and get rid of all those unwanted particles in the body. You can’t just imagine yourself rushing to use the restroom when you’re in the middle of recording a favorite song; it disrupts the flow!

It keeps you awake. The point is this; you don’t think when you’re asleep, you only dream! More so, the muse for singing comes during late in the night or at the wee hours of each day. The best way not to miss out of this is to always take at least a cup of coffee. There are many competitions out there and you can’t afford to be left out due to unprofitable sleep. So, coffee affords you the time to plan, rehearse, sing and enjoy your song without being disturbed by sleep. What a great benefit to opera singers!

Coffee bolsters physical alertness. It has been medically certified that caffeine triggers the adrenaline levels in our blood. Also, the adrenaline hormone aids in preparing one for physical exercises. Singing is an exercise and if you want to get the best out of it, you need to be physically alert. As an opera singer, you know you can’t be at your best when you’re tired, worn out and stressed out So, coffee does all the magic!

It ensures mental alertness and focus. Apart from keeping you awake or making you physically fit for your singing endeavor, coffee also makes you focused. Distraction kills the vibes of a song and singers with short attention span can reliably fall back on coffee. Not only that, you are mentally alert to think, reason and creatively birth new songs.

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