Wuornos Synopsis



Aileen Wuornos seen on the second tier of a two-level set is cautiously making her way to a ripped out car seat underneath a neon sign, “The Last Resort.” She pulls out a gun from a plastic bag and says: “If I am damned, who is forgiven?”


Scene 1

Below a media circus begins. Reporters are speaking excitedly among themselves about murdered men found in the woods off a Florida highway.

Aileen has been watching from above defiantly. She taunts them, although they can’t hear her. She remembers her horrible childhood.

Scene 2

A flashback reveals Aileen’s teenage mother and abusive father in their home. Her mother is desperate. She makes the decision to escape, fleeing to the home of her parents (Aileen’s grandparents). Aileen’s grandmother is an alcoholic and her grandfather is disturbingly distant. Aileen’s mother convinces her reluctant parents to take the baby Aileen.

Adult Aileen laments these memories, as she then recalls the first meeting with the love of her life, Syrena.

Scene 3

In a bar Aileen and Syrena are drawn to one another and sensual conversation ensues. Aileen reveals she is a prostitute. Overpowered by attraction for Aileen, Syrena is unfazed.

Scene 4

Aileen’s grandmother is seen on the phone, intoxicated. As she continues her conversation, adult Aileen is seen with a man holding a birthday cake. As Aileen’s grandmother tries to convince the person on the other line that her family is normal, Aileen’s grandfather is seen behind a scrim molesting a teddy bear. Meanwhile above, Aileen takes a slice of cake from the man.

Scene 5

Aileen and Syrena meet again. This time Aileen’s feelings are strong for Syrena. They kiss passionately and Aileen asks Syrena to live with her. Syrena agrees.

After Syrena leaves to pack, a euphoric Aileen is disheartened again as she faces her grim existence as a prostitute. She picks up a ‘John’. He is violent.

Scene 6

A pregnant teenage Aileen is seen in the home of her grandparents. Her grandmother is on the phone again. This time she chases Aileen off to the gurney behind a scrim, where she gives birth to a child.

Adult Aileen becomes hysterical as she helplessly watches.

Scene 7

Teenage Aileen returns to her grandparent’s home, only to be thrown out into the arms of a sexual predator. She performs her first act of sex for sustenance.

Scene 8

Aileen and Syrena are seen in their shabby motel room. Syrena is dissatisfied with their economic situation. Aileen is so obviously in love with Syrena, that she is willing to do anything to make her happy. She leaves again to sell her body.

Scene 9

On the highway, Aileen picks up a sadistic rapist. He comes close to killing her; instead she shoots him once, wounding him. Stricken with the irreversible consequences of her actions, she prepares to commit suicide. Suddenly, teenage Aileen appears as an apparition, urging adult Aileen to finish what she started, that her rage is justifiable. Fate is sealed as she empties the gun into her first victim.

Scene 10

A shaken Aileen returns home. She yearns to tell Syrena of what happened that evening and does. They make love.

Scene 11

On the highway another violent customer picks up Aileen. He manhandles her until she’s able to break away. Teenage Aileen appears again, this time handing her the gun. Without hesitation Aileen kills her second victim. Teenage Aileen pleads to adult Aileen that this time must be the last time blood is spilled. Her pleas fall on deaf ears as the remainder of the victims enter the stage and are systematically killed. Teenage Aileen is horrified and leaves adult Aileen for the last time.

Scene 12

At a press conference two detectives announce that they think the murders are the work of two women, serial killers. The crowd goes berserk as composite drawings of Aileen and Syrena are revealed. The hunt is on.

Scene 13

Syrena is seen entering their motel room with Aileen asleep on the fold out sofa. As Syrena reads the newspaper she is horrified to see their composite drawings in connection with the highway murders. She leaves Aileen.

Scene 14

Aileen runs out into the street in hysterical desperation. The crowd is close behind as she retreats to the ripped out car seat at “The Last Resort” for the last time. As the crowd’s chanting rises to a fever pitch she is captured.


Scene 1

The curtain opens up to a religious woman (Madeline) cutting out newspaper articles of Aileen Wuornos for her scrapbook. She sings a hymn, clearly on a mission to save Aileen’s soul. Suddenly another media circus erupts revealing that one of the murder suspects has been apprehended on check forgery charges. During the chaos, Madeline wanders into the center of it eventually meeting a sleazy, late night television lawyer, Stan.

Scene 2

From hiding, Syrena decides after much torment to tell the police what she knows, hoping for immunity.

Scene 3

Aileen is seen for the first time in custody. Madeline pays her a visit, singing the praises of salvation.

Scene 4

Syrena is interrogated by the police and is finally persuaded to call Aileen and coerce a secretly taped confession from her. To save Syrena from implication Aileen confesses to the killings.

Scene 5

A blistering media circus explodes, as the announcement of Aileen’s confession is made public.

Scene 6

Madeline is seen inside Stan’s office. She reveals her intentions to adopt Aileen but Stan scheming other plans strikes a deal with Madeline. They head to the jailhouse. Taking advantage of Aileen’s emotional state Madeline prevails and adoption papers are signed. Stan is appointed as Aileen’s new defense attorney.

Madeline and Stan cut their visit short to pursue business with a Hollywood producer, Judith. Unknown to them, Syrena, and the detectives are negotiating their own deal with Judith on the other line. A three-way conversation ensues and as Madeline and Stan lose ground they decide to prevent a trial from taking place by having Aileen plead “No Contest” before any information of the crimes is leaked to the public. It is also revealed that Syrena and the detectives are selling their story to a Hollywood studio with plans for a ‘Movie of the Week’.

Scene 7

Madeline and Stan scurry back to the jail to manipulate Aileen into a “No Contest” plea.

Scene 8

The trial begins. Syrena takes the stand and turns on Aileen, denying any love for her. Aileen crumbles only to have Stan deliver the “No Contest” plea. She tries desperately to convince the jury that her crimes were committed in self-defense. The judge hands down the death sentence. Finally, utterly defeated, Aileen pleads one last time – this time to God: “I am a child in your arms, my God. You cannot reject me too.”